Last Minute Decorating Ideas for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just days away, final preparations for your menu are coming together, but what about the decor?

Great food on Thanksgiving is a-must, but setting a festive tone for the occasion with your decor is just as important. From the front entry to the family room to the dinner table, I’ve pulled together some last minute decorating ideas that will take little time and little money, yet create a setting that looks like it took days to create.

Start with the entryway

At any time and for any occasion, “dressing” your front entry sets the stage on what’s to come inside. Thankfully to create a Fall / Thanksgiving exterior vignette is pretty simple. Why? Because you don’t need much. The go-to elements for the exterior for Fall are mums and pumpkins. They are colorful, interesting, and alittle can go a long way.

At your front entry, create a vignette using a few pumpkins in varying sizes and colors, with orange, red, and/or yellow mums as the backdrop. Amy of Positively Splendid created this gathering by grouping a large mum with different sized pumpkins displayed in a large metal bucket. To give height, she added a garden trellis (which you may have on-hand already from your summer garden) and then displayed a few random pumpkins in front of the bucket. Simple and Oh-So-Gorgeous!

Don your Door

Door decor is a must. Who likes a plain door? There are a gazillion different wreaths out there, but since these are last minute tips, here’s an easy one for you to create in minutes.

How-To: Head to your local craft store to the wreath section. Get a grapevine wreath (18″+ round) and a long berry garland strand, plus some floral wire. 3 items – you’re done! Once home, add the berry garland to the grapevine wreath and secure it with floral wire. Again, simple and super inviting as guests arrive.

Allie of Miss Lovie created this beautiful berry wreath and added a few extra details with the faux flowers. Very pretty, but the flowers aren’t a must if you’re on a time crunch (and focused more on your food prep than decorating).

Your Guests are in the House

Once your guests step into your home, you want to convey a warm and welcoming setting. And that’s super easy to do the day of by gathering branches, long sticks, leaves, and berries from your own yard. No pricey flowers or arrangements that need to be planned out days in advance. This simple decorating idea will take only minutes.

How-To: Using a tall vase (any style or texture will do), gather your natural elements, cut anything that is shooting off the wrong way (a branch or leaf), and put them in the vase. No water is even needed because they probably will only last a day or two. This entryway via HGTV showcases a flawless setting with a festive, natural arrangement paired with a pear-filled bowl to the side.

Another fun and easy idea is to create a pinecone tree, which would be a wonderful project to get your kids involved with.

How-To: Gather sticks and pinecones from the yard and then gently thread the pinecone through one of the branches. If they don’t stay attached, a little dab of hot glue will do the trick. – Via Better Homes and Gardens

Decorating Around the House

Festive places around the house are a nice way to bring in the Holiday and seasonal spirit. Whether the mantel, a side table, and/or a buffet, adding a few decor elements will create a charming aesthetic. Before heading to the store to buy new things, shop your home. Look in the closets, the basement, or even your bookshelves for items you can use for the moment.

Allison of House of Hepworths created a simple Fall centerpiece for her coffee table using a placemat, tray, glass pillars, candles, and lentils. Perfect for the coffee table, a buffet or the dining table.

Or simply and inexpensively fill a glass vase with branches bearing acorns and colorful lemons – Via Midwest Living

Onto the table

The Table! The spot with all the excitement. The pinnacle place where food will be served, tummies will be stuffed, and laughs will resonate for hours (hopefully). Before dinner is served, the table is fairly bare – no platters, no elbows, no glasses – so that is more the reason to add some festive decor.

The centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table should be easy to remove once the food is served. One great idea is to use a tray with your centerpiece. Kim of Sand & Sisal has created an easy and elegant centerpiece using natural elements. She’s used a tray for the base and has added candle-filled glass pillars in varying heights. Throughout she’s also included lentils, holly leaves, pears, and pumpkins to create a serene and sophisticated focal point.

Not as easy to remove, but still a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece is this Autumn Log that I created for my table last year. Absolutely simple to make and it took about 5 minutes. I had found this cut log, drilled 6 tealight sized holes, and filled the sides with leaves, pumpkins, pinecones, and ghords. It was easy to create and I’ve also used it for other Holidays (for my Christmas mantel last year).

More last minute centerpiece ideas for your Thanksgiving table

Clear glass vases with hanging pumpkins from branches filled with birdseed -Via BHG

Monogrammed pumpkins for each of your guests – Via BHG

Napkins that remind us why we’re together -Via Country Living

Thanksgiving is about being Thankful

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all we have and there’s no better way to remember that than to be reminded. This Thankful Tree by Emily of Simple VintageGirl is the perfect way to tie up an amazing Thanksgiving feast.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my simple tips and ideas for last minute Thanksgiving decorating. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! What matters most, surrounds you.

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