Make Your Own Plum Crostata

I whipped up this super sweet plum crostata for a quick weeknight dessert and it was a huge hit. A simple pie crust and fresh plums tossed in sugar are the perfect way to celebrate summer!


Name Bubbles & Born Foody

A few weeks back, we received a special delivery at the Bubble Factory in Ballston Spa! Our friend, Chef Josh at Born Foody, sent along a few samples of the delicious meals created by him and his Team. We had chatted in the past about his company launching, but seeing the finished product was very exciting!

Paper Quilt Artwork-01

Paper Quilt Artwork

But by looking in some unexpected places for inspiration, anyone (including the least crafty of all!) can make some pretty spectacular wall art using nothing but paper and glue.

photo by Lynn Dobson

Name Bubbles & Miracle Foundation

This back-to-school season, Name Bubbles will be giving $1 of every school pack to Miracle Foundation in hopes of funding an entire year of education for a Miracle Foundation orphanage in India.


Summer Sangria

Summer has definitely arrived and it’s giving us a good reason to enjoy a refreshing drink. Ripe yellow peaches, sweet strawberries, and green grapes bring all the fresh flavors of summer into my favorite Sangria.